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Monday, 13 February 2012
The Hazards Of Blogging
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 Earlier today I'd posted the following...


Alt Blog

I have had an effective blog running at WordPress for some time now. For some reason this blog wouldn't recognise my password. I had opened the account using an email address I could no longer use. This created an as yet insurmountable problem when it came to logging in, and posting. I figured it was time to open this Blog Spot account as I don't know if I will ever be able to use my old WordPress blog again.

My old blog looked at psychiatry and psychiatric treatment from the critical standpoint of a psychiatric survivor. This is to say, that blog looked at mental health system from the perspective of a person who had endured forced treatment at the hands of that system. The kind of forced treatment I had been subjected to must be characterized as oppressive and in violation of a number of my rights as a human being.

I was kidnapped, assaulted, imprisoned, poisoned, and tortured. All of these criminal abuses of power took place under the pretext of treating me for some kind of mental health issue.  I survived my mistreatment, and I have gone onto speak about my experiences with the psychiatric system. I hope to help liberate other people caught up in the mental health system from continuing in this cycle of unending victimization.

Well, now you know. I once had a blog, and this is blog two.

I found I couldn't get into my WordPress blog for some inexplicable non-reason. It would no longer accept the password I'd been using since I'd set up the blog in the first place years ago. I went about the task of setting up a Blog Spot blog, but then I encountered a number of problems due to the fact that Blog Spot, like You Tube, is owned by Google, and I would have had to reset my Google password to keep going at the matter. I finally threw up my hands in disgust, and figuring that I've got a website with Tripod, and you can create blogs on Tripod, I thought why make any procedure more complex than it needs to be anyway? I'm hoping I've got matters under wraps for the short term. I'm hoping maybe this short term can extend into the long term if it has to do so. Regarding the potential future for this blog, well, my fingers are crossed.

Update: I managed to get back into my WordPress blog. I wouldn't imagine 2 blogs are too many. You can think of this blog hereafter as emergency backup.

Posted by mf.florida at 2:08 PM EST
Updated: Monday, 13 February 2012 4:42 PM EST
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